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Formed in 2019, Freiburg five-piece Raw Sienna set out to prove to the world that,
despite all rumors, rock music is still alive.
In May 2023, the band released their first studio EP, Mess In Heaven,
consisting of six songs created during the pandemic,
focusing primarily on topics such as tolerance, social justice and mental health.


Unwilling to confine themselves to the boundaries of a specific genre,
Raw Sienna draw influence from many different musical styles, covering a wide spectrum of sonic ground,
from smooth melodies and dance beats to brutal shoegaze-esque “walls-of-sound” or melancholic ballads.
Yet, the band retains its unmistakable signature sound between pop glamour and grunge aesthetics.
True to their mantra: “Like hair metal, but less pretty.”
Raw Sienna want their shows to be a safe haven for everybody feeling lost and looking for support.

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